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News Release


Alexandre Herculano 41: a 130 years old building close to Avenida da Liberdade refurbished for residential use

JLL/Cobertura in charge of the sales process

​The building dating from 1886, located at the number 41 of Rua Alexandre Herculano, near to Avenida da Liberdade, in Lisbon, will receive a new premium residential project. Developed by Louvre Capital, Alexandre Herculano 41 will be refurbished from an architectural project signed by the Portuguese architect Frederico Valsassina. JLL/Cobertura is in charge of the sale process of the 21 apartments comprising this residential project.

“Avenida da Liberdade and its surroundings are one of the most central and important areas in Lisbon. It is the most prestigious business capital locations, the most distinctive stage for luxury shopping and one of the main locations of the city’s five stars hotels. Furthermore, the refurbishment of a wide number of buildings for residential, like this one, meant that the residential usage gained a new role that have been lost for decades,” says Patrícia Barão, JLL Head of Residential.

“For these reasons this area has become one of the most valued for real estate in Lisbon, which justifies the foreigners’ high demand – particularly French and Brazilians – to buy residential products, particularly for investment purposes. Alexandre Herculano 41 is a very well positioned project in this market view, offering centrality on the Lisbon’s most prestigious area and linked to the quality and exclusivity inherent to the project. It’s an excellent opportunity for investment and it will be, for sure, one of the selling arguments”, adds Patrícia Barão.

Built for housing on a time of great urban expansion at the capital – in the transition of the XIX to the XX century –, the building isnow being refurbished maintaining its original façade, besides of preserving the primary decorative and structural elements in its interior, like the drawings of carpentry, gutters and ornaments ceilings. Theseoriginal elements and the wide apartments are distinctive factors of the units, where we highlight also its elegance, contemporaneity, functionality and comfort dotted by the quality of finishes and noble materials. The apartments are available as one or two bedroom units, ranging between 59 and 131 sq.m.with balconies in each of them. Two apartments on the ground floor enjoy private gardens while two penthouses boast panoramic private terraces.. The construction will start at the beginning of September, with completion scheduled for the second semester of 2017.

“Louvre Capital wants to be a reference player on the Lisbon’s urban refurbishment, transforming historical buildings in unique and exclusive assets, with innovative concepts, modern architecture and complete respect for the neighbourhood character and its living. The company believes that Alexandre Herculano 41 is a building with unique features, that will be totally refurbished preserving as much as possible its architectonic, cultural and landscape heritage, but, at the same time, adapting and giving to it all the comfort and commodities of a contemporary lifestyle”, says Paulo Loureiro, Louvre Capital Managing Partner.

Louvre Capital is a developer and real estate management company, specialized on the acquisition, refurbishment and management of residential and commercial real estate assets, particularly in the area of rehabilitation of old buildings in Lisbon.