Residential Market

Unrivaled Dynamics

Over the last three years Portugal began to recover the international and national investors’ confidence, at the same time that tourism is growing and Lisbon is being launched as one of the top European capitals. The combination of these factors, boosted by programs launched to encourage and attract foreign investment and by the growing role of this segment in the city’s urban regeneration, renewed the residential market and placed it on a unique moment.

So, we consider that this is the most appropriate time to publish the first large research work exclusively dedicated to the residential sector in Portugal. Following JLL and Cobertura union, this reinforces our position as the only “one stop shop” company for national and international investors.

We dedicate this publication to them, providing a wealth of information on the market, trends and forecasts, and a detailed portrait of Lisbon, zone by zone. We also highlight the tourism, Portugal’s differentiating factors and the new buyers profile as the main drivers of the residential market that are transforming the city’s central zones. An environment that has positioned the Portuguese capital, as one of the most attractive European destinations to buy a house.