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In the last 7 years the number of guests visiting Portugal increased by 88% and in 2019 over nearly 30,000 new residents, under the non-habitual residents program, arrived in Portugal. The Real Estate market generates return rates by 7.8% and with less volatility than other investments.

Discover more about this in a JLL initiative that includes a study with the main national market figures that serve as base to prove why the buzz about Portugal, through real stories told by those who would not imagine living anywhere else but here.


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Marlon Lipke, Pro Surfer. "Lagos for me is home"

The highest rated professional German surfer in history and based in Lagos, Algarve. Marlon started his professional career at a young age and reached the top 30 quickly. Now getting to a more mature age and still competing, Marlon’s priority is to re-connect with nature on other forms such as organic farming and cooking. Concerned with several environmental issues, Marlon is ready to open an eco-friendly and sustainable restaurant in Lisbon.

José Abreu, Entrepreneur. "I think Porto is still an oasis"

Inspired by his heritage of old fishermen from the north of Portugal and by the men’s style from the mid-century, José Abreu, businessman and entrepreneur, created La Paz. The connection between the sea and the city of Porto influences the whole design of the brand’s every piece of clothing. Looking at old pictures of family members and early surf sessions fuel his inspirations daily.

Joana Astolfi, Artist. "Coming back to Lisbon was the wisest choise"

Artist, architect and designer. After living abroad for 12 years, Joana returns to Portugal to create her own studio in Marvila. Everything can be art, especially when you live in the bright, quirky and inspiring Lisbon. Joana can always find a function on everything she sees; some forgotten object becomes the main player on the newest Hermés shop window. The connection between the artist and the city to its most!

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