Portugal Coliving

Coliving is much more than sharing a home and cannot be regarded solely from a perspective of potencial savings on accessibility issues/housing cost and greater efficiency in space occupancy.

Dezembro 11, 2019

Coliving originated as a new approach to living in big cities, where leasing is privileged in a logic of convenience and sharing economy. A transitional housing model where people stay during a phase of their life, bringing together a set of services, whilst promoting sharing synergies in a community setting. 

As a sector, it draws on elements from student housing, multifamily and the hospitality sectors, but it is beginning to form its own distinctive character. The assets generally have a higher provision of amenities and more shared space than traditional residential buildings, though the scale and nature of this provision may vary. Operators are focused and services that aim to positively impact residents experience and wellbeing. 

This sector will continue to consolidate in 2020 and many more are expected in the coming years, with more than 570 new beds already on the Lisbon and Porto’s pipeline, and 16000 - 18000 potential coliving beds, most of which are being developed by international operators in partnership with Portuguese and foreign private promoters.

We are confident about the success of this market in Portugal and eager to follow the transformation impact that it will bring to the country!

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